Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WhoMadeWho - Ooooohhhhhhhh

I was driving home from an old friends house on Friday night, Ipod on usual shuffle..... Next thing I hear Josh Homme's voice and check to see what song is playing, but no, its not Queens or Them Crooked Vultures cause I checked the name of the song and to my surprise I see WhoMadeWho as the band. At this point I wasn't sure if my ears were playing tricks on me or if I was seeing something that was not there. Regardless of who the band was now, I was intrigued, who is the singer of this band!!!!

My good friend Frank from Los Angeles aka Dj McNasty came to visit me in Jozi a year ago and gave me a shit load of music that he has collected over the years, very wide range of different feels, so when my Ipod shuffles, you can get anything from Classical Mozart to Mickey Avalon to WhoMadeWho - Score!!!... There is even some jungle book from the musical, not from Frank though!!!! 

Any-who, back to WhoMadeWho. I have been thinking about it since Friday night and only this morning looked them up to find that they ROCK! Josh Homme did feat on the song I heard which is called "Space for Rent", amazing and had to trust my ears more after that. 

So here is to the "Supposed Monday Spin" though its Tuesday because of Human Rights Day yesterday in Southern Africa... 

Its worth spending some time listening to this band, some real talent, im convinced!!! 

And Just because I can, here is a little shoe tease for all you ladies who love rocknroll, spikes and stiletto's, these babies will never fade in style and terrible Tuesdays will be had when rocking these!!!!!

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