Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inside Out

Tattoo's had always seemed like taboo's until they became completely individualized and accepted by society. All of the "lower class" or "misfits" had tattoo's to better express themselves in different era's of history. From sailor tattoo's to little butterflies that girls usually got as there "first" tattoo's. 

Cultural initiations to getting your lovers name tattooed on whatever parts of your body. I myself have seen and witnessed some pretty incredible ones. My sister having a Maori tattoo with the tapping technique on her entire back, another interesting person with an Ali- "gator"  performing sexual pleasures on a woman with many more other ones as well, to beautiful feminine Asian woman's faces entangled into butterfly wings... 

These photo's below take the art of tattoo into a whole other spectrum where it no longer is just a piece of yourself being permanently drawn on to represent people, places of things that you desire. Below is a piece of work of anothers character, of who he really seems to be, the inside out version. 

There is no denying, this canvas of work is nothing short of incredible.