Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let it Flow...

I would personally like to thank the Karin + Raoul Blog for posting this new video and song by Radiohead. 

Karin + Raoul has to be one of the sexiest blogs / sites in photography and fashion that I have seen. Sex is definitely defined on the site (which I love, especially through photography and music) though all the photographers that become their favorites are tasty as in delicious, not forgetting to mention, striking and full of everything that you think of when one fantasizes about (whatever comes to their particular mind when fantasizing about sex) 

Radiohead, well they never manage to surprise me and its so nice to see Thom Yorke letting lose and dancing, there is such a freedom about him. 

I managed to see Radiohead in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl years ago before moving back to South Africa, beautiful front row box seats... The tears that flowed between myself and my best friend were unbelievable. It was the year that they released Hail to the Thief and we hailed alright. Probably one of the most exquisite performances I have ever seen in my life and the lighting coordination was nothing short of spectacular. 

Thank you to Radiohead for keeping it real and never selling out.

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