Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sophie Morner (Most Importantly) & Other Daily Chores

 Unknown Ancient Painting That I found

Since I started the Hunter blog, obviously my knowledge of the outside world has yearned to expand since no one wants to read about boring and mundane stories and i sure as hell dont.! 
I am inspired!

A woman by the name of Sophie Morner has turned my head in more ways then one, besides the fact that I am obsessed with horses, well being a Hunter and all, not a hunter that kills for sport rather a Hunter that seeks all that is different, seductive, raw and undeniable, it all goes hand in hand...  Besides her eccentricity and encompassing the same vision that I have, she is recognizing South African Photographers which is incredibly special to me.  Here is the article to learn more about this incredible woman by the NY Times - Sophie Morner

When I moved back to South Africa from Los Angeles, one of my biggest desires was to push out all the artistry into the outside world (I mean all of it and the entire wold).  I found that a lot of people misconstrued South Africa to be something that it wasn't. Only in the past few years has the outside world only started to touch upon the purity and sophistication of this country. Some people were misinformed about the life and intellect of the country due to "crime" and 3rd wold behavior. Thats okay though, because Africa herself is the biggest untouched secret and you actually have to set foot on her soil to feel the essence of her wild and unharnessed being. 

Getting back to the point, the more that people investigate this country and all the mystical wonders of it, the magic will unveil itself to all. Viva Africa!!!

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