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B Movie is the New A Grade - Nominations for Best Movies EVER - Part 1

As in music, we all have different ideas of what we would like to hear just as in motion pictures we desire abstract realities (for some of us) by the way Directors and Writers portray them. I might be cliche because a lot of these pictures are allocated to the deranged, X Generation and lot of us that like the "abnormal". So if anyone viewing this blog agree's, good on you, if not, start watching.

**NB** B Movie means to the writer of this blog, any movie picture that was NOT nominated for an Oscar and stands to B an Occult movie of a certain generation- Avid movie watchers, please don't be offended.  Even though John Hughes should be in here for Breakfast Club & 16 Candles, were getting a little edgier for this post, but we still love you John.

In regards to the topic of fashion and fad's,  these are all inspirational for the current times in there own ways (my kind of fashion) .. Lots of 80's, Pin Ups, 70's era 

Death Proof - Written & Directed By Quentin Tarantino
Deathproof, a movie that I had to watch over and over again for a period in my life. The cast, made up of very versatile and strong females and the "protagonist" - Kurt Russel (in my opinion a great choice). 

There is no better outcome then the one shown in this movie and makes the femanazi inside of me rage with fury...

As everyone and their mother has said, and I agree to... Yes, this flick is full of female dialogue, there is no way around that, but the substance of the writing is true to the T and so inspiring for young females who love spunk, bongs, dancing, music and a little ass whipping.

Natural Born Killers - Story By Quentin Tarantino
Killer Soundtrack - List below - Kill me!

  1. Leonard Cohen — "Waiting for the Miracle" (Edit)
  2. L7 — "Shitlist"
  3. Dan Zanes — "Moon over Greene County" (Edit)
  4. Patti Smith — "Rock N Roll Nigger" (Flood Remix)
  5. Cowboy Junkies — "Sweet Jane" (Edit)
  6. Bob Dylan — "You Belong to Me"
  7. Duane Eddy — "The Trembler" (Edit)
  8. Nine Inch Nails — "Burn"
  9. "Route 666" 
  10. Patsy Cline — "Back in Baby's Arms"
  11. Peter Gabriel And Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan — "Taboo" (Edit)
  12. "Sex Is Violent"
    contains excerpts of Jane's Addiction — "Ted, Just Admit It..." and Diamanda Galás — "I Put a Spell on You"

  13. A.O.S. — "History (Repeats Itself)" (Edit)

  14. Nine Inch Nails — "Something I Can Never Have" (Edited And Extended)

  15. Russel Means — "I Will Take You Home"

  16. The Hollywood Persuaders — "Drums a Go-Go" (Edit)

  17. "Hungry Ants"
    contains excerpts of Barry Adamson — "Checkpoint Charlie" and "Violation of Expectation"

  18. Dr. Dre — "The Day the Niggaz Took Over"

  19. Juliette Lewis — "Born Bad"

  20. Sergio Cervetti — "Fall of the Rebel Angels" (Edit)

  21. Lard — "Forkboy"

  22. "Batonga In Batongaville"
    contains excerpts of The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra — "A Night on Bare Mountain"

  23. Nine Inch Nails — "A Warm Place" (Edit)

  24. "Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar"
    contains excerpts of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party — "Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar" and Diamanda Galás — "Judgement Day"

  25. Leonard Cohen — "The Future" (Edit)

  26. Tha Dogg Pound — "What Would U Do?

True Romance - Written by Quentin Tarantino
All I have to say is Christiaan slater & Patricia Arquette! Together and you get a wild fire of passion and undying love just as Natural Born killers.  I have always been a fan of characters that are struggling to find their lives, even if they don't amount to much... This is one of the most romantic pictures that has ever come to pass.

Lost Highway - Directed by David Lynch
Lost Highway completely floored me when it came not only to the Soundtrack produced by Trent Reznor ( a musical god) but the storyline like most of Lynch's pictures, are usually completely whacked and very hard to follow - we wont mention the intricacy of Mullholland Drive that I still don't understand till this day.  

Patricia Arquette along with Balthazar Getty made the imagination drive into places of intense attraction as well as non attainable fantasy.

There might be a definite "theme" to this blog it seems by the continual posting of couples in crazy movies and here he is again, Christiaan Slater. Winona Ryder has to feature in this blog as she has to be the B grade actress of them all, not forgetting about my fave, Patricia. 

This story line, wow, wanting to kill all of the popular girls in school that you once were with your hot non conformist - psycho boyfriend, yes please!  

( This blog is not for under-aged children and is not literal just figurative)

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