Monday, February 28, 2011

Photographer Waldo Shooting Backstage at Suzaan Heyns Fashion Show

Fashion Designer extraordinaire Suzaan Heyns opened Johannesburg Fashion Week two weeks ago not only with the most avant-garde show but also an originality in her work that depicts the human anatomy through fabric, most extraordinary for the extrovert viewer. 

Congratulations to Suzaan & her whole team!

For more pics of backstage, go to this link: Backstage at Suzaan Heyns Fashion Show by Waldo Pretorius

To Jeana & Bryony.. I have to post because it was so breathtakingly beautiful... The SA Fashion Week Video created for Suzaan by my two girls that not only do I love, but are so talented and driven.

Photographer George Rabe & The Newspapers


Welcome to the new Hunter Blog!!!

With all this social networking going on in the world, one definitely has to stay up to date with every single net workable place as Face Book, My Space (which doesnt seem to be a fave anymore), twitter, Linkden... my word.. To keep up in it all, thank goodness they are all linked!!!! 

Welcome to Hunters new social addition to the outside world.... Here you will find all the back end information regarding shoots that the Hunters have done as well as the stories behind them (not all the time) ... The more information, the better.. 

Hunter is at the forefront of innovation as well as harnessing inspiration through the exclusively chosen artists that essentially are, Hunter Management. 

Welcome.  With open arms, we welcome you to step inside the wild world...

Photo by: Brynn Lurie